Super Bowl/March Madness Regulations

Super Bowl

The words “Super Bowl” or “Superbowl” or its logo/logotype cannot appear in ads at all, unless it is in an officially sponsored event. However, you are permitted to make written reference to “ The Big Game,” “Super Football,” “The Big Bowl Game,” “Super Sunday,” etc.


March Madness

The NCAA and R-J Corporate Attorney sternly warns against using the words “NCAA”, “March Madness” or “Final Four” or their logos in ads, in any way, shape or form, unless it is an “officially sponsored” event.

The words “March” and “Madness” cannot be used together, nor can any relationship to “March Madness”, the annual NCAA basketball event, be implied.

However, “March Madness” can be separated by another word:

Example #1: “March Mayhem Madness”, or “March Markdown Madness” is ok as a phrase, but in this instance should NOT picture a basketball, basketball hoop or other basketball imagery because it implies an association to “March Madness”.

Example #2: You can use creative copy variations such as: “March Mayhem”, “March Clearance”, “Mad Price Markdown”, “Mad Zany March Sale”, “Mad March Sale”, “Mad March Markdowns.” These types of word combinations can display basketballs, basketball hoops or other basketball imagery.

Our Central Design team will call attention to this if instructions request us to use any of these terms or logos.

Please keep this top of mind to avoid any delays in design requests.